Gamdias Eros V2 Headset
The Gamdias Eros V2 headset brings 7.1 virtual surround sound gaming to players on a budget Gamdias

In the video game experience, graphic quality, framerates and gameplay are often cited as the most important parts. But, what brings it all together is how a game sounds.

That’s where a good gaming headset comes in. With headset prices starting as low as $40 and climbing as high as $300, it can be difficult to find that sweet spot of quality, while still being budget-friendly.

Instead of choosing between either, Brea, California, gaming gear manufacturer Gamdias attempted to bring the best of both worlds into its latest product, the Eros V2 Surround Sound Headset. We took the headset for a test drive to see if Gamdias pulled it off.

Build Quality And Fit

Gamdias may be aiming to serve the budget market, but the Eros V2 feels well built, while remaining light. This is mostly thanks to its plastic construction along with and a lightweight headband that adapts to most head sizes, a features you would normally see on professional headphones such as the AKG K240 Studio headset.

Coupled with soft leather-like earcups, the headset provides a snug fit, while providing hours of comfort during gaming and isolating the user from outside noises.


The Gamdias Eros V2 comes with a number of features including a pivoting microphone with a bendable arm, allowing users to set it in just about any position. The included USB in-line remote allows users to adjust volume and mute audio and microphone noises on the fly.

The headset also includes virtual 7.1 surround sound support when used in conjunction with the USB in-line remote and its Windows software, which can be downloaded from the website. Players who prefer to use the headset without any additional frills can connect directly into any standard 3.5 mm jack, including those on the PlayStation 4's Dualshock controllers.

Sound Quality and Quirks

The Eros V2 excels in producing quality highs and mids through 50 mm drivers, leaving spoken words clear and without distortion. While its bass performance was adequate, the headset produced some distortion while playing certain first-person-shooters, such as “Battlefield 4,” at full volume. However, this is less of an issue for games that don’t utilize bass heavily, such as “League of Legends.”

An important thing to note: The in-game audio settings and Eros V2 software need to be set to the same settings, especially if the game supports surround sound. Otherwise the headset may sound like it is producing little bass.

One other issue we found is the 3.5 mm headphone jack has a tendency wiggle while plugged into a headphone port. This can sometimes lead some sound loss, but can easily be fixed by wiggling the jack a little.


The Eros V2 is not a headset designed for an audiophile, but it provides enough features and sound quality for the player looking for a gaming headset on a budget.

While it has some shortcomings, the Gamdias Eros V2 manages to provide decent value for a headset costing less than $100.

The Eros V2 surround sound headset is scheduled to be widely released in September for the price of $74.99, Gamdias said. However, it currently can be purchased from Newegg for $44.99.