• One of the unannounced features of the PS5 was reportedly leaked online
  • The major feature is reportedly brand new and non existent on current od previous-generation gaming consoles
  • Sony announced that the PS5 is on track to arrive on Holiday 2020

An unannounced and brand new PS5 feature was recently leaked online. Sony Interactive Entertainment president Jim Ryan admitted a few months ago that despite the announcements and events for the upcoming next-gen console, there are still major PS5 features that the company has not yet shared. It looks like the recent feature is among those the Sony head was talking about.

Brand New PS5 Feature

The European outlet Gameractor was recently given a chance to preview the upcoming racing title "WRC 9." The game is scheduled to launch on the current-generation and next-generation gaming consoles. During the presentation, which was presumably hosted by Sony or by the game publisher and done remotely, PS5 Activities' function was demonstrated.

Gamereactor shared that the Activities function is defined as a straightforward deeplink to the specific kind of race directly from the menu of Sony's PS5. Interestingly, the European outlet removed the preview of "WRC 9" on its site. However, Gematsu captured and shared online some of the crucial parts of the preview that provides the industry an idea of what the alleged PS5 feature is all about.

PlayStation 5 console
Sony released this picture on June 11 of its upcoming PlayStation 5 console, without revealing pricing or a launch date. Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

What Is PS5 Activities?

Based on the preview, it looks like the alleged PS5 feature called Activities is a function designed to instantly enable users to head straight to a certain part of the game. Simply put, PS5's Activities feature is a new way where players could directly jump into a specific game content without the need to boot the game to the menu completely. It is interesting to note that this particular function is not present in the current-generation PlayStation 4 console.

Additionally, the rumored PS5 feature aligns with Sony's Lead Architect's previous statement about the company's goal of reducing the players' waiting time. The Japanese company has not yet released any statement related to the rumored PS5 feature. In this case, it is smarter to take this information with a pinch of salt.

Meanwhile, Sony is sticking to its earlier announcement of holiday 2020 release window for the PS5. The company is rumored to hold another PlayStation State of Play in August.