A gas leak in south London was brought under control after about eight hours. Pictured: Emergency gas crews work to secure a natural gas leak in Pensacola, Florida, April 30, 2014. Getty Images/Marianna Massey

About 500 people were evacuated from their homes in south London following a “large gas leak” in the Penge area of Bromley borough late Saturday, BBC reported. No casualties or injuries were reported by the emergency services which have been on the scene shortly after the leak was reported around 10:30 p.m. local time (5:30 p.m. EST).

Residents of the area were temporarily evacuated to four reception centers and roads in the area were closed off. The local police service asked people to avoid the area while attempts were made to fix the leak.

Some progress in tackling the leak was reported by the Bromley police about five hours after it began.

Since the leak came under control, some residents were allowed to return home, while some others were moved from the reception centers to hotels, according to the BBC.

Lance Chenery of the Bromley police station tweeted that final safety checks were underway before allowing all residents to return home.