Gennady Golovkin’s sparring partner said his shoulders went numb after GGG hit it with a left hook.

Middleweight boxing superstar Golovkin is set to face Sergiy Derevyanchenko next month. Ahead of the fight, Golovkin has been working hard as the bout is reportedly very meaningful for his career.

Professional super welterweight boxer Antonio Wade is with Team Golovkin and he has been sparring with the Kazakh boxer these past few weeks. Indeed, Wade has a lot to say about Golovkin’s progress and power.

In a recent interview with Elie Seckbach of EsNews, Wade described how hard Golovkin hits. As his sparring partner, Wade detailed his experiences with Golovkin especially during sparring sessions.

According to Wade, Golovkin is no doubt a tremendous power puncher. In fact, when Seckbach asked how it feels when Golovkin’s punch lands, Wade responded with no shame that “it numbed his shoulders.”

“It numb your body,” Wade said about how Golovkin’s punch feels.

“He hit my shoulder with a left hook, it went numb, I’m not gonna lie,” Wade revealed.

The fact that Wade is currently part of Golovkin’s training camp, some may think that he is being a bit biased with his statement. However, Derevyanchenko’s trainer, Andre Rozier, also believes that Golovkin still has that knockout power in his hands.

In one of Rozier’s interviews before a press conference at the Madison Square Garden, he stated that Golovkin is still dangerous. According to Rozier, Golovkin could be compared to eight-division title holder Manny Pacquiao as both of them are still winning their fights given their age.

“It’s possible. Age catches up to everyone. He’s 37, but to me, he’s as dangerous as ever and if he lands a shot, it’s very dangerous. Pacquiao’s fighting at 40 and winning fights,” Rozier stated.

To prove that he and his fighter Derevyanchenko aren’t sleeping on Golovkin, Rozier even said that he will “slap” the first person to say that Derevyanchenko won because Golovkin is too old.

“The first person that says, ‘Well, Triple-G was old,’ I’m gonna have to slap him myself,” Rozier exclaimed.

A few days ago, Golovkin’s trainer Jonathan Banks said that he wants to make certain changes in Golovkin’s fighting style against Derevyanchenko. As per Banks, Golovkin should throw more punches and not rely on one solid punch.

“Letting his hands go instead of just looking for one punch. It’s not good. He’s always going to have that power, but to me it’s about how you use it. Do you look for one punch or do you let your hands go, and let the chips fall where they lay,” Banks pointed out.

ggg2 Gennady "GGG" Golovkin (left) had an easy time defeating Dominic Wade on Saturday night at the Forum. Photo: Getty