• "Genshin Impact" 1.4 is coming in a few days
  • The new patch is set to arrive Wednesday
  • There are several ways to safeguard "Genshin Impact" players' accounts

"Genshin Impact" is one of the surprisingly successful RPG titles released in 2020, with a PC download of around 12 million at the time of its launch. The massive player count provides a great opportunity for hackers and malicious attackers to target the gamers' accounts.

Here are some tips on how to secure your "Genshin Impact" account and what to do when the account is hacked.

Choose a strong password and change it frequently

Most "Genshin Impact" players use easy, common and predictable passwords. A data breach revealing the gamers' email addresses easily exposes the players' accounts to great risks. While no one could predict when an actual data breach will happen, players can prevent getting their accounts hacked by changing their passwords as often as possible. They should also create a strong and unique password with special characters, numbers, and alphabets.

Many "Genshin Impact" players believe that if their UID is leaked online, their accounts will get hacked. But the UID alone is not enough to get the account hacked. If the players change the passwords regularly, attackers would not be able to hack the accounts.

Version 1.2 "The Chalk Prince and the Dragon" Trailer | Genshin Impact This is Dragonspine, an enormous mountain that holds the remains of the venomous dragon, Durin, who fell here after the battle with Dvalin. Photo: Genshin Impact Official You Tube Channel

Link your email and mobile number

Another way to secure one's account is by linking their mobile number and email address to the game's account. This way, they could prevent their account password from being changed by others. Also, activating one's email address serves as a two-way authentication that notifies them if someone is trying to log in or trying to change their password.

Stay away from phishing links

Players should also be careful while clicking on links from unfamiliar or questionable sites. These sites usually offer players free in-game items like Primogems, Hero Wits, Mora, and others. Most of the time, these sites are fake and are just phishing sites designed to get player's information.

Regardless of how secure the game is or the necessary measures devs use to secure the accounts, malicious attackers will always find a way to hack accounts. And while there are no proven measures to secure game accounts, preventing them from getting hacked by following these tips could save "Genshin Impact" players a lot of trouble.