• A story quest that centers on Baizhu was apparently leaked
  • "Genshin Impact' update 1.4 is set to launch on March 17
  • The said update would feature the Windbloom Festival event

"Genshin Impact" is getting its first-ever playable five-star Dendro character through update 1.5, according to multiple leaks.

Information about the first-ever five-star Dendro character arriving in "Genshin Impact" comes from industry insider M1NTSUBA who cites a reliable Chinese insider as its source.

According to the leak, Baizhu is arriving in the game via update 1.5. The insider also claims that Baizhu could be the featured character in the upcoming patch's first banner.

"Genshin Impact" Dendro Characters

Also, a story quest that centers on Baizhu, similar to the Albedo in Dragonspine, will be launched in "Genshin Impact" update 1.5. Aside from Baizhu, the leak also mentions YaoYao as another Dendro character arriving in the game under the same patch. She is a four-star Dendro character that will be made available for free, as per the leak.

Version 1.4 "Invitation of Windblume" Trailer | Genshin Impact
Songs of joy in the winds are streaming, Beneath the flowers old hymns abide; Though you should seek the festivity's meaning, Forget not that which your hearts do hide. Genshin Impact YouTube Channel

Another industry insider named Baizhumains shared on Twitter the weapon Baizhu wields. The said weapon was uncovered from multiple data mining activities. Based on the information, Baizhu could be the first male Catalyst user of "Genshin Impact." The Jade Catalyst is apparently the most likely weapon that this five-star character will use.

The insider believes that instead of wielding a sword, Baizhu will use a Catalyst because of his frail body. It is also rumored that the Dendro character will play an important role in the incoming Qiqi story quest. So far, Baizhu's appearances are mostly related to her.

If the insiders' information is accurate, Baizhu would be the first-ever Dendro character in the game. Interestingly, update 1.5 will introduce two new playable Dendro characters. Baizhu has made several appearances in "Genshin Impact." He is usually seen with his pet snake Changsheng on his neck.

Chinese game developer miHoYo has not yet shared any information about the Dendro element. Players have no idea how this new element would interact with the existing elements in the game. Some fans believe that an elemental reaction mechanic similar to Anemo and Geo elements, which could trigger Crystalize and Swirl, might soon be introduced in "Genshin Impact" to launch the Dendro element.

Baizhu is anticipated to launch sometime in April or May 2021. "Genshin Impact" is available on PC, PlayStation 4, iOS, and Android devices.