• The Spiral Abyss rewards “Genshin Impact” players who can clear its challenges as fast as possible
  • Countering elemental resistances is important for every floor in the Abyss
  • Beidou is a top-tier unit for end-game Abyss floors

The Spiral Abyss is a combat-centric gauntlet-type activity in “Genshin Impact” that’s designed to push players to their limits. The initial floors are relatively easy, but the difficulty ramps up significantly as players delve deeper.

Every encounter in the Abyss is designed to test a player’s ability to overcome the game’s mechanics. Faster completion times grant players more rewards in the form of Mora and Primogems, encouraging them to clear every challenge as quickly as possible. This can be hard to accomplish for new “Genshin Impact” players, and even the later floors can be challenging for veteran adventurers.

Having a decent team with strong synergies that counter a floor’s enemies is the key to getting perfect Spiral Abyss scores. Here’s a guide on how to build a team composition for “Genshin’s” Spiral Abyss and a few examples of some of the best teams players can use.

Unit Priorities

Players can get away with any team composition in the earlier stages of the Abyss as long as they can deal enough damage or abuse the map boundary to their advantage. However, once elemental shields and other forms of enemy damage mitigation comes into play, team synergies become more important. This is especially true for the latter floors that require two teams instead of one.

It’s highly recommended to have one DPS unit with at least one strong support unit per team. Try to build a team consisting of the two strongest units available, while the other team is comprised of four units with strong elemental synergies like a Melt or Vaporize comp.

Also, always inspect a floor’s enemy compositions first before diving in.

Physical Damage Teams

Physical damage is great for dealing consistent damage against almost every enemy type. Characters like Kaeya, Razor and Rosaria can be good physical DPS options when paired with a Superconduct team, but remember to bring anti-elemental shield units when the need arises.

Additionally, avoid using Physical damage carries when fighting Ruin Guards due to the latter’s 70% Phys RES.

Swirl Comps

Venti and Sucrose are amazing in Abyss floors with large mobs of enemies because of their ability to group them together. Use them together with an Electro-Charge or Overload team to make very quick work of weak monsters.


Beidou deserves a special mention because of her Elemental Burst, Stormbreaker. The chain lightning from her Burst can bounce multiple times between enemies; if there are only two enemies present, then her lightning will bounce between just those two enemies multiple times.

She’s a top-tier unit that offers amazing value for every Burst cast. This makes Beidou an excellent main or sub-DPS pick for those who are lucky enough to have her.

Beidou using Stormbreaker in Genshin Impact
Beidou using Stormbreaker in Genshin Impact Genshin Impact