• “Genshin Impact” players must find the blueprints for each of the new four-star weapons first
  • Weapon blueprints can be obtained as rewards from world quests
  • The four-star bow's blueprint has not yet been found

The long-awaited Inazuma update for “Genshin Impact” has finally arrived, bringing with it a large new region to explore that’s filled with mysteries, secrets, loot and more. Many players were excited for the brand new set of Inazuma-themed weapons, but as it turns out, they aren’t as simple to obtain as players thought they would be.

Like the other crafted weapons, these new items can be made by a blacksmith from any of the game’s regions. However, “Genshin Impact” players will need to find each weapon’s respective blueprints first before they can have blacksmiths craft the weapons for them.

The game doesn’t explicitly say where these blueprints can be found, but players at the Hoyolabs forum have made an effort to track down each blueprint for the sake of the community at large. Here’s what forum user Soarling and other members of the “Genshin Impact” community discovered.

Where to find Inazuma weapon blueprints

The blueprints for the new four-star weapons can be found as rewards from world quests around Inazuma.

It’s highly recommended that players explore all of the islands first before they start hunting down the blueprints to make their quest a little easier. This will require players to progress through the main quest line, however, as certain regions are locked behind progression walls.

Genshin Impact's Inazuma is the home to many beautiful and breathtaking scenes
Genshin Impact's Inazuma is the home to many beautiful and breathtaking scenes Genshin Impact

Sword: Amenoma Kageuchi

Complete the “Farmer’s Treasure” quest on Jinren Island found beyond the northern shore from the Sacred Sakura tree. Players must complete the “Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual” quest before they can proceed to Jinren Island.

Polearm: Kitain Cross Spear

Complete the “Orobashi’s Legacy” quest given by the NPC Kaji, located at the north edge of the ridge between Musoujin Gorge and Fort Fujitou at the western end of Kannazuka.

Catalyst: Hakushin Ring

Complete the “Yougou Cleansing” world quest, which is part of the “Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual,” then speak to the mysterious shrine maiden at Konda Village.

Claymore: Katsugakiri Nagamasa

Complete the “Tatara Tales” world quest at Tatarasuna. Players must collect three keys and unlock a certain gate to unlock the weapon blueprint.

Bow: Hamayumi

Unfortunately, nobody knows yet where this four-star bow’s blueprints can be found.