• Ayaka is the featured character in the latest "Genshin Impact" banner
  • MiHoYo reportedly plans to release more playable characters in the game 
  • An industry insider offered an update on the release details of rumored characters 

The massive patch, "Genshin Impact" Update 2.0 is now live, but a new set of leaks reveal release details of new and upcoming playable characters, including Baizhu, Yunjin and Shinhee, are supposedly scheduled to arrive in the later patches of the hit gacha game.

One of the things that make "Genshin Impact" fun is the debut of new characters in almost every update. After several months of leaks and speculations, Ayaka is finally a playable character that players can pull using Wishes. Interestingly, Chinese gaming studio miHoyo has a lot more under its sleeve when it comes to new characters. 

So far, industry insiders have claimed that Baizhu, Shinhee and Yunjin are also coming into the game very soon. According to insider Sukuna, Yunjin will not yet launch as a playable character in the next patch. They compared the possibility of the character's debut in Update 2.1, the third rerun of Childe or Tartaglia. 

Collected Miscellany "Kamisato Ayaka: Snowdance Heron" | Genshin Impact People only see the graceful dance of a snow heron, but little do they know what lies beneath this elegance: Ayaka's meticulous training. Photo: YouTube Screenshot/Genshin Impact Official YouTube Channel

However, they believe that there is still a chance that miHoyo would "air-drop her out of nowhere." The insider also offered an update on the release details of Shinhee. According to them, the character is either being revamped right now or completely deleted from the game. 

Meanwhile, Baizhu, one of the heavily anticipated characters in the hit gacha title, would not reportedly be released this year. In another tweet, Sukuna revealed that The Chasm, along with the rumored Dendro character Baizhu, would be launched in the second or third update, releasing next year. If miHoyo sticks to its current release pattern, fans might see Baizhu in February or March 2022 update. 

Baizhu is an NPC in the game and appeared in the Closed Beta Test 3. He first appeared in the "Archon Quests Chapter 1 Act 2, Guizhong" in "Genshin Impact." Rumors have it that he is a five-star Dendro character and plays a prominent role in the game's storyline. 

In-game dialogues hint that he is a skilled doctor or a pharmacist and the boss of the Bubu Pharmacy, which is located in the northern part of Liyue. While these details have come from a reliable "Genshin Impact" insider who has a proven record in sharing leaks, fans should still temper their expectations and take the information as highly speculative.