• "Genshin Impact" is playable on different gaming platforms
  • Industry insiders recently had an AMA on Reddit
  • They answered questions about other leaked characters

MiHoYo previously unveiled Kokomi as one of the characters coming to "Genshin Impact" soon. While the Chinese gaming studio remains mum about the other leaked characters, more details about Dendro characters, Scaramouche, Baizhu, Yaoyao and Yunjin, are now available online.

"Genshin Impact" fans now have an idea of when and what to expect from other leaked characters that are believed to be launching in the game very soon, thanks to multiple industry insiders.

These tipsters, which include Ubatcha, Sukuna, abc64, Project Celestia, Genshin Intel and Lumie, held an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit Tuesday. During the activity, fans were allowed to throw questions for the insiders to answer. One of the queries raised on the thread was about Dendro characters.

Thoma will be added to Genshin Impact in a future patch as a playable 4-star character
Thoma will be added to Genshin Impact in a future patch as a playable 4-star character MiHoYo

According to industry insiders, rumors about Dendro releasing in "Genshin Impact" Update 2.3 are fake. But if it happens, it would simply be "coincidental." Dendro is one of the seven Elements in the game and currently, no playable characters are using this element.

Several enemies are capable of using a Dendro shield, which offers them substantial offensive or defensive abilities. As for Scaramouche, insider Lumie said, "Scaramouche existed in 1.1 as an NPC, but his entry was removed from 1.2 onwards. For some patches (1.2-1.4?) his model still existed as a cutscene only model."

"Then, his mesh was removed, and only one texture remained, his hair IIRC. He was then reintroduced in 2.0. As to why they did this, who knows. His model only took up a small portion of the game," they added.

Unfortunately, the insiders could not give any detail in relation to his launch date. They could only talk about the possibility that he might not be released in the game anytime soon.

Yaoyao is another character fans would like to know more about. "Datamined during CBT1/CBT2 era. Dendro Catalyst, although never been seen. Model exists, but no other data outside of some mentions in in-game text and voice-overs," the insiders revealed.

The tipsters also talked about Yunjin. "Originally, she was datamined to be Geo polearm, however, as of the leaked Moonchase cutscene video, it appears her vision was changed to be either Anemo or Cryo. However, it is impossible to know for certain, based on a tiny pixelated image," they said.

"Datamined during CBT1, CBT2 era. Originally Geo polearm, but with the recent Moonchase cutscene leak, she might now be Anemo or Cryo. Model exists and only other references are in-game text and voice-overs," the tipsters further said.

The insiders also mentioned Baizhu which, according to them, has always "been Avatar_ and not monster, although they both have NPC models too." However, when asked if they have knowledge about Baizhu being the poster character of the Chasm, they said they weren't aware of it.

"Genshin Impact" is playable on various gaming platforms, including PlayStation 4, PS5, PC, iOS and Android devices.