• "Genshin Impact" 2.2 will reportedly introduce exciting content
  • The update is expected to roll out on Oct. 13
  • miHoYo has not yet revealed the release date of "Genshin Impact" 2.2

"Genshin Impact" 2.2 is still a few weeks away but leaks revealing the content of the next patch have started to surface online. This includes a new theme for the Serenitea Pot realm, new events and new characters.

New characters

Chinese gaming studio miHoYo has not yet revealed the list of characters it is planning to launch in "Genshin Impact" with Update 2.2. However, industry insider UBatcha previously revealed the next patch will start with the character banner that would feature Yae Miko.

She is reportedly a 5-star Electro character that wields a Catalyst. Yae Miko would be followed by a re-run featuring the five-star Cryo Bow user Ganyu. But, while these two character banners are not yet official, miHoYo has seemingly confirmed Thoma, the Housekeeper of the Kamisato clan, will be playable in the upcoming version of the game.

The Grand Narukami Shrine in Genshin Impact The Grand Narukami Shrine in Genshin Impact Photo: Genshin Impact

Serenitea Pot update And events

Dataminer and industry insider Project Celestia also revealed more content coming to the game through Update 2.2. Uncovered in the game's 2.2 beta, the insider revealed miHoYo would introduce a new Inazuma-themed realm layout called Silken Gardens.

Players need to reach Sacred Sakura's Favor level 40 to get Silken Print and unlock a new Realm layout. The insider also mentioned a new event quest titled "Roguelike Dungeon."

The event will center on Kojou Sara, Tartaglia and Xinyan, according to the insider. Unfortunately, it is not clear what the event is about.

"Roguelike Dungeon" is internal naming inside the game's data and might not reflect how people would expect this to play," the insider clarified in a tweet. Datamining activities also uncovered placeholder images and audio data for Thoma and Sayu Hangout Events.

Release date

miHoYo has not yet announced when it will launch the update. However, based on its release pattern, a new patch rolls out every 42 days, which means the patch could be available as early as Oct. 13.

These details about "Genshin Impact" 2.2 are not official.