• New artifact sets are coming to "Genshin" together with the eventual Inazuma patch
  • The new artifacts will both have interactions with how players manage their elemental energy
  • New Domains are also expected for the new artifacts

The latest round of leaks from the “Genshin Impact” community’s most trusted providers has recently dropped and plenty of information about the mysterious nation of Inazuma was revealed. The Electro Archon’s domain will be filled with stunning new vistas, a new cast of characters and, more importantly, new artifact sets to build them with.

The incoming Inazuma update for “Genshin Impact” will allegedly introduce two new artifact sets based on the island nation’s lore and legends with matching ancient Japanese-style aesthetics, according to Genshin Intel. It’s assumed that these new artifacts will come from Domains in the isles of Inazuma, much like the artifact sets in the rest of the game.

The first leaked artifact set is roughly translated as the Hatajirushi of Isolation, which focuses on boosting Elemental Bursts. The two-piece bonus grants a passive buff to Energy Recharge while the four-piece bonus grants additional Elemental Burst damage based off 30% of a character’s total ER. The set can grant up to a maximum of 75% bonus damage.

Off-field ER-based supports like Xingqiu and Beidou can make excellent use of this set, as it can propel their active Bursts’ damage outputs considerably for very little trade-off. Beidou and Xingqiu can easily get away with stacking ER, and this set only incentivizes them to do so.

The second set is roughly translated as the Shimenawa of Memories, which revolves around buffing Normal, Charged and Plunging attacks. The two-piece bonus grants an additional 18% ATK like the Gladiator set. The four-piece bonus, however, isn’t as simple.

If the wearer has at least 15 energy, then the Shimenawa four-piece bonus will drain 15 energy from them every time they cast their Elemental Skills. In exchange, it will then grant a +50% buff to their Normal, Charged and Plunge Attacks for 10 seconds.

This is the first set in “Genshin” that has an energy cost. It might be a good alternative for Physical DMG carries like Eula and Razor as long as they can generate enough particles for maximum uptime. Keqing might be one of the prime candidates for this set when paired with another Electro character like Fischl.

This information is currently unconfirmed and may change in the future. However, leaks of this caliber are usually accurate with only minor changes to their names and numerical values.

Fischl, the Prinzessin der Vireirtelung, in Genshin Impact
Fischl, the Prinzessin der Vireirtelung, in Genshin Impact Genshin Impact