• Muhammad Ali used to have telephone conversations with George Foreman
  • Sugar Ray Leonard remembers vividly what Ali asked him during their first encounter
  • A book called “My Brother: Muhammad Ali” will be released in fall of 2020

Boxing Hall of Famer and entrepreneur George Foreman said that what he missed about the late Muhammad Ali the most were the telephone conversations they had.

Ali didn’t only make a huge impact on boxing fans. Even to his fellow boxing greats, the GOAT of boxing served as a role model. In fact, Foreman, who is also considered one of the best boxers to ever step inside the ring, used to talk to Ali for advice.

In a recent talk with Elie Seckbach of EsNews, Foreman revealed that he and Ali have had several telephone conversations in the past, a thing that he missed the most about the late boxing icon.

According to Foreman, Ali was always fun to talk to and even during the time when he was already having speech problems, Ali could still pull off some jokes that made Foreman laugh even to this day.

“He’s (Ali) never had anything negative to talk about, always, even when he couldn’t speak a lot, he had a joke to tell you,” Foreman recalled.

“I asked him one time, ‘Muhammad, I want a rematch, what do you think?’ he said, ‘You crazy!.’ I said, So Muhammad, how’s your wife? ‘She crazy!’,” Foreman continued.

Muhammad Ali Portrait
A 1960 portrait of Muhammad Ali. AFP

Apparently, Foreman’s claims about Ali’s sense of humor are all true. Sugar Ray Leonard, another legendary boxer has once admitted that he can’t recall where he first met Ali. However, he remembered vividly what the legend told him in their very first encounter.

According to Leonard, who said that Ali was his idol, when Ali first saw him, the legendary boxer kind of recognized him. And while Leonard was still stunned by Ali’s presence, he got even more shocked when Ali asked him about how he manages his sex life when preparing for a fight.

“'You like boxing?’ I said ‘yes sir.’ Then he said ’How long do you wait before you having sex before a fight?’ He said ‘do you like sex?’ I said ‘sometimes’, ’How long do you wait(stop having sex) before a fight? I said ‘a couple of days.’ He said ‘You’re a bad dude, you’re a bad dude,’” Leonard recalled.

Some of Ali’s friends and only brother Rahman, recently worked together to release a book called “My Brother: Muhammad Ali.” According to Ron Brashear, a close friend of Ali brothers, the book is already being translated to multiple languages and will be available nationwide in fall of 2020.