University of Potsdam, Germany, researchers have designed a phone which allows the users to make calls just by tapping their palm, a report said.

Researchers Patrick Baudisch and his group have developed the phone which lets the user to simply tap or slide their fingers over their palm to answer or configure the phone settings.

The idea depends on a sensitive camera application which detects where the user is pressing on his palm. The software in the phone then perceives the position of the fingers and the user’s movement and relates it to the location of the icons on the person’s phone.

According to the team, the technology used in the process is same which Microsoft uses in its Kinect motion-sensing gaming method. There the signals are sent to the user’s PC which again sends the commands to the user’s cellphone.

The only possible drawback, however, is the user will have to know the position of the phone’s icons and apps. Then only will the can the signals respond and send date to the person’s computer which will again re-direct the commands to the cellphone.