A man in Ghana who was dreaming about chopping up meat in his sleep woke up to find that he had cut off a part of his own penis and scrotum.

Kofi Atta, a farmer in the Assin Fosu in central Ghana, had dozed off in a chair on Aug. 12 when the bizarre incident occurred. The 47-year-old was allegedly dreaming about slaughtering a goat to help his wife make dinner for the evening, Times Now reported.

Atta woke up with a jolt and noticed his injured genitals, according to the outlet. He reportedly felt a sharp pain from his penis and scrotum and was bleeding as he remained seated in the chair.

He called for help as he struggled to stand up, and the neighbors, who heard his screams, reportedly found him bleeding in the chair.

Seeing that Atta's wife, Adwoa Konadu, was not home at the time, another neighbor called her to apprise her about the incident.

Konadu returned to find her husband bleeding and used a diaper to limit the blood flow. Atta was taken to the St. Francis Zavier Catholic hospital, Modern Ghana reported. From there, he was shifted to another hospital for treatment.

The farmer had sustained injuries that were not life-threatening, but he may need surgery. He is expected to survive and is currently raising funds for surgery.

Atta was able to recall what he saw in his dream while speaking to BBC Pidgin but had no explanation of how he took the knife in his hand and cut a portion of his privates.

The man explained he took a "small nap" in the afternoon and in his dream, he was cutting some meat that was in front of him. He said the dream felt real to him.

He is "confused" about the turn of events, Atta added.

In an unrelated incident, an Indian woman chopped off the penis of her live-in partner in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The woman said she caught the man red-handed as he allegedly tried to rape her 14-year-old daughter. As soon as she found the man attempting to assault her daughter, the woman grabbed a kitchen knife and chopped off his genitals to "teach him a lesson."

"I have no regrets for what I did," the mother said.

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