A man in the U.K. who lost his penis to a severe blood infection and had to carry an artificial phallus attached to his arm for almost six years has finally undergone transplant surgery so doctors could attach the organ he regrew on his arm to his groin.

Malcolm MacDonald, a father of two from Norfolk, England, had the shock of his life when his penis "dropped off onto the floor" in 2010 due to an infection in his perineum. The medics reconstructed a new penis for him using a skin flap and grafted it to his left arm, hoping to transplant it later to its original position, News.com.au reported.

Doctors planned to do the transplant in 2015 but had to stop the surgery due to a lack of oxygen in his blood. Since then, MacDonald, who works as a mechanic, lived with an artificial penis poking out of his forearm.

The surgery got further delayed for years due to several reasons, including scheduling mix-ups, staff shortages and eventually the COVID-19 pandemic, the New York Post reported.

"People ask me about it when they see me in the pub, and of course, people make jokes. But I get it. It's not every day you see a man with a penis on his arm. Of course, I see the funny side. I have to. I don't have any other option," MacDonald said in an earlier interview with the outlet.

MacDonald's ordeal finally ended earlier this year when he had successful transplant surgery. "The first thing I did was look down and I was like, 'Oh, my days. They got it this time.' I feel like a real man again," he exclaimed in relief after the nine-hour operation, as per the outlet.

"Can you imagine six years of your life with a penis swinging on your arm? It's been a nightmare, but it's gone now," he added.

MacDonald is proud of his "designer penis," which was apparently created according to his desired specifications. "They were happy to listen to what I wanted it to be like, which was amazing. Not many can say they have a designer penis," he explained.

MacDonald is featured in a new documentary titled, "The Man With a Penis on his Arm."

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