April the pregnant giraffe kicked a vet while she was getting examined. Getty Images

April the giraffe was not in the mood to be examined when one of the vets at Animal Adventure Park checked her out Monday. The 15-year-old is 15 months pregnant and on edge. Since the upstate New York zoo installed a live feed camera last week to capture her calf’s birth, millions of people tuned in to witness April’s labor.

With nearly 100,000 people watching April live at any given moment, Animal Adventure Park regularly updated their official Facebook page with posts about the giraffe. “April continues to grow! Her mood continued to improve, however she was not impressed with our vets advances this afternoon. Our vet does a remarkable job - and he asks the hard questions of our animals - while we, the keepers, get to love on them and provide treats!” the zoo wrote on their official page Monday night.

But the visit wasn’t without some excitement. April kicked the veterinarian. The zoo made light of the situation, writing, “The vet's visit this afternoon, was ended early by a toe tapping April, whose fancy footwork ended with a small front kick...but if you ask me - it looked like lazy jazz hands!”

Animal Adventure Park added: “April was simply "stating" she was done with her exam and reminding everyone this is her space. All are well; keepers, giraffes and the vet!”

The following day, the zoo provided a brief update about April, who still did not start active labor. In fact, not much happened at all. “April had a very active night that did keep us glued to the cam screen!” the Tuesday post read. “She settled in around 5:00 and got a few good naps in. Not much else to report on physical or behavioral change.”

When giraffe calves are born they weigh 150 pounds. A name has not been picked for April’s baby, but there will reportedly be a vote to determine the calf’s moniker.

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