April the giraffe could give birth any day. Getty Images

To the dismay of million of viewers, April the giraffe has not given birth to her calf. The Animal Adventure Park zoo in upstate New York, where April is housed, set up a live feed more than a week ago, but fans continue to be disappointed by April’s ongoing labor.

In the latest update, the zoo reported April was in a better mood Monday after being agitated the day before.

“April is in a much better mood today; but we completely understand her swings! She is a big girl and getting bigger. Last week, compared to this week, provides even further belly development and drop,” the zoo said in it’s daily update. “Though the morning is cold, they may get yard time in today - if conditions are safe - otherwise tomorrow will bring warm temps and hours outdoors!”

Even though the zoo expected the calf might have appeared more than a week ago, there’s no need to worry about April’s health. “(The) vet report is all positive and happy with progression,” the zoo reported.

Sunday’s message reported April wasn’t feeling well earlier in the day. “April was reportedly on edge this afternoon during veterinary examination. This evening, keeper report suggests a bit more calm now,” the zoo wrote.

She showed signs that she might be in active labor soon. “There is a significant amount of belly movement and tail raising. Appetite is notably strong also,” Animal Adventure Park wrote on their Facebook page.

April is 15 years old and 15 months pregnant, which is the typical gestation period for a giraffe. She is slated to give birth any day. A giraffe calf stands a 6-feet-tall when it is born and weighs 150 pounds. The zoo will have a vote to determine the baby's name.

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