Gmail App for iOS
A screenshot of the side-by-side view on the iPad. Gmail Blog

On Wednesday, Google's rumored updated Gmail app was released for Apple's iOS. It will be available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running on iOS 4 and up.

Unlike Android phones that have Gmail apps built in since day one, there was no official app from Google for Apple users until now. Before, users could only add their Gmail account to their iOS mail application and access their mail through their browsers. Of course, there's also been a whole host of third-party apps that may have satisfied your Gmail needs in the meantime. Some of them include: iMailG, GMate Mail for Gmail, Push for Gmail, etc.

The Gmail app promises to deliver faster access to your messages, better visibility of the important ones, and UI design tailored specifically for touch screen devices.

The Gmail app will support push notifications, full inbox search, and a special split-pane view (showing inbox and message previews side by side) just for the iPad version. Another new addition is that the official app will be integrated with Google+. Users will be able to sync their iOS contacts to complete their email address contacts list.

Developers promise the app is going to be make email more efficient too. Essentially, you will be able to do all the things you can regularly: sort through your Priority Inbox, scan emails with threaded conversations, archive, label, star, delete your messages.

The whole app is really designed with the touch interface in mind. Users will be able to pull down the inbox to quickly refresh for new mail. Swiping to the right brings you to your labels, and scrolling through all your emails requires but the lightness of a sliding finger.

What do you think? The app is available today in the Apple App Store. Give it a try yourself and share your feedback with us in the comments below!