• "God of War: Ragnarok" has no release date yet
  • Sony previously said it will launch it in 2022
  • "God of War: Ragnarok" is set to launch on PS4 and PS5

Sony is anticipated to hold State of Play next week and fans speculate the gaming event might be the venue for the highly anticipated release date announcement of "God Of War: Ragnarok."

Japanese gaming giant Sony has not yet announced the date of its next State of Play but industry insider Tom Henderson gathered several hints seemingly leaning toward the possibility that it could happen as early as next week.

Henderson first pointed out the tweet from "Gran Turismo 7" producer Kazunori Yamauchi saying, an "update is coming next week."

In addition, Henderson noted that Jason Schreier, a Bloomberg journalist and industry insider, said the game's release date announcement could happen "later this month."

In the same report Schreier revealed that "GOW: Ragnarok" was initially set for a September release but was pushed further because of development constraints caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The logo in the teaser trailer for God of War Ragnarok
The logo in the teaser trailer for God of War Ragnarok Sony

The Bloomberg journalist claimed the game would officially roll out in November 2022.

Aside from this, Henderson also said that Sony will introduce a new PlayStation, which according to him, is a PlayStation 5 Procontrollers with "some awesome features."

Henderson claimed that the upcoming hardware has a codename "Hunt" and features like "removable analog sticks, trigger stops, and rear buttons (flappy paddles)." It "will have significant software upgrades, he said.

"Sony never gives out State of Play dates and is very secretive with the events, so like always it's putting pieces of the puzzle together to see when/if they'll be such an event," Henderson clarified.

While Henderson has been consistent with his leaks in the past, it does not necessarily mean that his information is accurate and official.

There is a great chance that the release date announcement could happen in the next State of Play but Sony forgo the State of Play showcase for announcing the release date of "Horizon Forbidden West" and instead made the announcement on Gamescom Opening Night Live.

The same could happen to "God of War: Ragnarok"and so, fans should temper their expectations on the date of the next State of Play and the release date announcement of "God of War: Ragnarok," in the absence of an official announcement from Sony.

"God of War; Ragnarok" was announced to launch on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.