Goldberg WWE
Goldberg is the new WWE Universal Champion. Pictured: Goldberg poses with Brett Bodine prior to the NASCAR Nationwide Series Ford 300 at Homestead-Miami Speedway on Nov. 20, 2010 in Homestead, Florida. Getty Images

It might only be a matter of time before Goldberg returns to WWE. There have been rumors swirling that the former world champion will have another match in the near future, and the man himself confirmed that he’s open to making a comeback.

Speaking with ESPN’s Jonathan Coachman on Wednesday, Goldberg admitted that having another match is something he is seriously considering.

“I’m going to do a lot of soul-searching, and I’m going to talk to my family to figure out what Goldberg wants to do,” he said. “At the end of the day, I’m greatly appreciative of all the fans that I was able to acquire over the years. I don't want to bastardize anything I did, let's just put it bluntly. So it's a big decision.”

Many fans expected Goldberg to confirm his return to WWE in Wednesday’s interview. WWE Hall of Famer and former announcer Jim Ross reported on Tuesday that a source told him Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar was a “done deal” for Survivor Series on Nov. 20.

There have been so many rumors regarding Goldberg’s potential return that it’s hard to believe it won’t happen eventually. It might not be a matter of if, but when and against whom.

The most likely scenarios appear to be a match at either Survivor Series, as Ross reported, or at WrestleMania 33 on April 2, 2017. WWE is always trying to bring back former stars at the year’s biggest show, and Goldberg’s return would have a greater impact at WrestleMania instead of Survivor Series.

If and when Goldberg does come back, it seems pretty clear that he’ll be facing Lesnar. As he promotes the release of WWE 2K17, Goldberg continues to talk about a possible match with Lesnar, who is on the cover of the video game. There were rumors that Goldberg would confront Lesnar at SummerSlam in August, so much so that fans in attendance were chanting his name at the end of Lesnar’s match.

Goldberg hasn’t appeared on one of WWE’s weekly shows or a pay-per-view since 2004. He’s one of the few wrestling legends that has stayed away since retirement, but he sounds like he wants one more moment of glory in the ring.

“I have a 10-year-old boy. I got a wife who has never seen me wrestle, and I got a generation of kids who don't know who the hell I am except for looking online,” Goldberg said. “The biggest thing about being a wrestler, and being Goldberg gave me, was the ability to be a superhero for kids.”

Goldberg was one of the biggest stars of wrestling’s “Attitude Era,” winning the WCW World Championship at a time when the promotion was drawing bigger TV ratings than WWE. Goldberg signed with WWE in 2003, two years after WCW folded, but he was only with the company for one year.

Goldberg’s last match came against Lesnar at WrestleMania 20.