Google is, reportedly, preparing for the company’s upcoming hardware event, where it expected to reveal a brand new Pixel 4 smartphone. And, this week, the tech giant is adding a major Android update to help improve its Pixel smartphone.

Google could be days away from the official launch of its latest Pixel 4 smartphone. But, it seems that the tech behemoth hasn’t forgotten the current generation of the Pixel smartphones. Google, recently, announced a brand new Android 10 update that aims to address a number of important key issues that are plaguing Android Pixel users. This latest Android update will be made available to all three generations of mobile devices, including the new 3a Pixel.

What the latest update will bring

As mentioned earlier by the UK-based The Daily Express, the latest upgrade will bring a total of eight patches. This latest update brought a number of great improvements such as the WiFi stability improvements, Sensor calibration improvements, System stability improvements, an important fix for memory drain issue, fix for missing heads-up notification, fix for bootloop in certain device locales modes, and Gesture navigation stability improvements. The update also addresses an issue about notification going missing when the Pixel 3 smartphone is placed in stand mode.

Google Pixel 3 two phone
A Pixel smartwatch might be announced alongside the Pixel 4 lineup. (Pictured: An employee shows Google Inc.'s Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones during its sales launch event at a SoftBank Corp. store on November 5, 2018 in Tokyo, Japan.) Getty Images/Tomohiro Ohsumi

In addition to important bug fixes, the latest Android update also brings a number of security improvements on board. The tech giant confirmed this on its latest blog post, saying that all supported Google mobile devices will receive an Android update in the 2019-10-05 patch level, The Daily Express reported.

About the upcoming new Pixel 4 smartphone

The latest Android 10 update comes as Google is preparing for the official launch of its next Pixel 5 smartphone. This huge hardware event will take place this coming October.

The tech giant has already shared a number of images of this upcoming mobile device. The new hardware is set to include a swathe of new exciting new features, which include a new dual-lens camera with an improved Night Sight mode that could be enhanced to shoot pictures on the night sky.

Other important additions include gestures control feature, improved battery life, faster-charging feature, and faster mobile processor. Pixel fans could expect even more features about the new Pixel hardware when it revealed in the event.