Google Maps
Google has added its Google Assistant to its Maps app, allowing for an unobtrusive experience for drivers. Members of the media watch a slideshow during a news conference about Google Maps on June 6, 2012 in San Francisco, California. Google announced new upgrades to Google maps including a feature to download maps and view offline, better 3D mapping and a backpack camera backpack camera device called Trekker that will allow Street View to go offroad on hiking trails and places only accessible by foot. Getty Images/Justin Sullivan

Finding your way around may have gotten a little easier as Google (GOOG) has just launched Google Assistant to its next Google Maps update. The new Assistant, available in pretty much all things Google, gives users hands-free driving capabilities while remain unobtrusive on the screen.

The rollout is available in the 10.4.1 version for Android, which comes complete with multi-colored microphone button and listening symbol at the bottom of the screen, according to 9to5 Google. While users of Google Maps may have noticed that it was possible to use voice commands with the app previously, there are some additional features that are noteworthy with this introduction of the app

By using the OK Google hotword or tapping the microphone icon, the Assistant will open the door to a number of possibilities for users within the app. Using a slide up bar, users will be able to not their arrival time and distance estimation as well as a variety of other navigational options, according to Android Authority. Google Assistant will operate voice commands but remains unnoticeable in the background as to not interfere with the Maps true functions.

The Google Assistant will let users play music, make calls, and send SMS messages while staying within the Maps app the whole time. The changes to Google Maps are designed to keep drivers’ focus on the road, rather on than on their phones for a safer driving experience, according to 9to5 Google. When active, the Google Assistant displays against a white backdrop during the day and darker night mode during the evening hours.

In addition, Google recently launched new list creation, pretty please, and broadcast replies features that give users even more access in Maps than ever before. Other recent features of Google Maps include business messaging, store following updates, and commute tab for music playback management.

As of this afternoon, Google stock was up almost two percent to 1,115.93.