Fast Pair
Fast Pair compatible Bluetooth headphones will now sync with users' Google Accounts. Google

Last year, Google introduced Fast Pair as a new process for easily connecting Bluetooth devices to Android smartphones. Now, Google has announced Fast Pair compatible accessories, like headphones, that will connect to multiple devices using the same Google Account.

“Last year we announced Fast Pair, a set of specs that make it easier to connect Bluetooth headsets and speakers to Android devices. Today, we're making it easier for people to connect Fast Pair compatible accessories to devices associated with the same Google Account,” Google said on its Android Developer Blog. “Fast Pair will connect accessories to a user's current and future Android phones (6.0 and up), and we're adding support for Chromebooks in 2019.”

So, how does Fast Pair work? When a user finishes the initial pairing between a Bluetooth headphone and an Android smartphone, the connection will be synced through the user’s Google Account. When this happens, the next time the user pairs the same headphones to a different smartphone, the headphones will recognize that the phone is associated with the same Google Account and will pair automatically via Bluetooth. The headphones should automatically appear on the Android phone’s screen as a pop-up notification when it’s nearby.

Fast Pair works a lot like the Bluetooth technology that Apple uses on the AirPods. However, Apple is using the proprietary W1 chip to make Bluetooth pairing to iOS devices faster. Meanwhile, Fast Pair relies on Bluetooth Low Energy protocol to discover and connect to nearby, recognized devices.

Fast Pair makes it easier and more convenient to switch the connection of Bluetooth headphones and speakers to different devices. The feature has been around since October, but adoption of the technology has been quite slow, as pointed out by The Verge. The most popular pair of Bluetooth headphones that support Fast Pair is the Jaybird Tarah Wireless Sport, which was launched in September.

Google promises to bring Fast Pair specs to more headphones moving forward. The company said that it has collaborated with the likes of Airoha Technology, BES and Qualcomm to add native Fast Pair support to their developments kits. If things go smoothly, this collaborative effort will speed up adoption and more Bluetooth headphones and speakers will be compatible with the Fast Pair feature in the near future. Google also said that consumers should expect Fast Pair compatible headphones from the likes of Anker SoundCore, Bose and “many more.”