UK Googlers aren't sure what scampi is Google

Google Chrome has become the second largest browser in UK, surpassing Firefox, according to web metric company Statcounter.

Chrome’s market share has been rising all over the world, but UK Google’s browser has taken a big leap by capturing 22.12 percent of market share in July, edging over Firefox which holds 21.65 percent of the market share.
Apple’s Safari Web browser had a 9 percent share in the Web browser market.

"Speed is a fundamental part of it, but it's also about the minimal design and the way it handles security. If you as a user try [to load] a Web page and it feels snappy, it's really hard to go back (to another browser). It has shown that people spend more time interacting with the Web,” said Lars Bak, the Google engineer responsible for Chrome, Guardian reported.

Google advertises Chrome as a lightweight, speedy browser, and uses it as a base for its operating system, Chrome OS.

The company has recently introduced its Chromebook range of laptops based on the browser.