Internet search company Google became the first company to register one billion visitors to its website in a month, according to the data released by ComScore.

The unique visitors to the search giant have risen by 8.4 percent from 931 million million a year ago.

Unique visitors to Microsoft‘s sites rose by 15 percent to 905 million, while visitors to Facebook rose by 30 percent to 714 million. Yahoo had 689 million unique visitors.

ComScore’s estimates are based on a panel of 2 million Internet users.

Google had 496 million unique visitors a month in 2006, according to researchers.

The Internet search company had 14.3 percent of the unique visitors from India and 13.5 percent from South Africa, while South Korea and China accounted for 0.7 percent and 0.8 percent of total worldwide visitors respectively.

Despite the latest ranking on unique visitors in U.S, Yahoo still has more monthly visitors than Google. In May, an estimated 188.8 million people visited Yahoo’s sites compared to 180 million for Google and 179.8 million for Microsoft.