Google Keyboard
An illustration picture shows a woman holding her Apple Ipad tablet which displays a tactile keyboard under the Google home page in Bordeaux, Southwestern France, Feb. 4, 2013. REUTERS/Regis Duvignau

For those who always have too many tabs open, you might just find a Google Easter egg.

A user on Twitter found an Easter egg after opening 100 tabs on the Android Google app. When opening 100 tabs on the Google app, instead of the number of tabs showing up on the top-right of the screen, the number instead turns into a smiley face -- “:D” -- and a winky face “;)” for 100 open incognito tabs.

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Twitter user @MKBHD uploaded a screenshot of the Easter eggs:

Others also posted their screenshots:

There’s a difference for iOS users though. I opened up 100 tabs and 100 incognito tabs on the Google Chrome app and got a smiley face “:)” for both -- but no winky face for the incognito tab.

Is a smile or wiky face a suggestion that we’ve opened way too many tabs? Maybe, or Google just likes to surprise us.

google tab
Google's surprise after 100 incognito tabs are open on iOS. Screenshot, Denisse Moreno
google chrome tabs
Google's surprise after 100 incognito tabs are open on iOS. Screenshot, Denisse Moreno

Meanwhile, Google had a Star Wars Easter egg for its St. Patrick’s Day Doodle (as seens above)

Google had an animated cartoon to observe St. Patrick’s Day which included two four-leaf clovers high fiving and going into a cave on hills while waves splash below. The hills honor Skellig Michael, a historic, religious UNESCO World Heritage island off the Irish coast. The site was the place monks moved to live on in the sixth century.

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However, the island is also a place of significance to Star Wars fans, where the fictional character Luke Skywalker disappeared to when he was most needed. He was found at the end of Star Wars: The Force Awakens by the scavenger Rey.