On Friday, Google announced its participation in the auction of government of radio frequencies, which are to be used in future to deliver mobile phone services and Internet to consumers.

This application is meant to happen on Monday on the 700-megahertz spectrum, and will be transmitted by television networks.

The process itself will begin on Jan.24.

Bidding the C Block of the auction would offer nationwide wireless broadband service which enters in competition with the cable Internet access.

AT & T and Verizon Wireless said they will also bid on the spectrum.

The auction is directly expected as a motion of adaptable wireless computing.

Bowing said that the winner companies of the new spectrum must give consumers the right to use any compatible device on the network and to use any software applications they choose on that device.

At present, the consumers' choices are restrictive regarding the use of devices and software on a wireless network.

Verizon Wireless said they will open more the network next year, to facilitate the purchases of compatible phones outside of Verizon stores and program-writing for the phones that don't have permission from Verizon.

CEO of Google, Eric E. Schmidt, said in a statement that Google thought that it was important to put our money where our principles are.

Consumers deserve more competition and innovation than they have in today's wireless world, said Schmidt.