Google Inc. is planning to unveil a new TV set-top box on Wednesday as it competes with Inc., Apple Inc. and other companies to control home digital content, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The search giant is planning to reveal at least one small set-top box that resembles products including Amazon's Fire TV, Roku and Apple's Apple TV during its developer conference Wednesday, according to two individuals who've seen the device, the Journal said.

The device will carry another company's brand, but it will be powered by the new Android TV software designed for playing movies, games and other content on televisions, the sources said. Users will be able to operate the box with Android smartphones or tablets, and possibly other devices, the newspaper noted. A Google spokeswoman declined to comment.

According to the Journal, details suggest that Google's TV strategy will resemble its smartphone strategy, providing important software to hardware makers to power devices.

This will not be Google's first effort at a set-top box, the paper continued. Since 2010, it has offered Google TV through device makers including Logitech, Vizio, Sony and Asus. Two years later, Google introduced the Nexus Q, its own streaming-media player, but that didn't make it to the mass market.