In honor of Halloween, Google has turned its classic logo into a game featuring a black cat named Momo. The object of Monday's game is simple: vanquish the enemy ghosts in Momo's school by using a mouse or touchscreen to draw the symbols that appear above their head.

The game's five levels are all school-themed and include a library, a cafeteria, a classroom, a gym and a rooftop. At the end of each of the levels is a ghost boss armed with multiple symbols players have to draw. The symbols get more complex as the game proceeds. Since it’s a race against time, the game gets progressively harder with each level. Players start with five lives, but they can be replenished if a heart symbol appears on the side of the screen and it is drawn correctly.

The game was inspired by a Google “Doodler” named Juliana Chen. Chen’s pet black cat is named Momo. Last year’s Halloween Doodle was also a game called the Global Candy Cup, where four witches competed to collect the most candy.

“It seemed like a good opportunity for a cat hero since the winner of last year’s Candy Cup Doodle was the yellow witch and her black cat,” Google explained in a post about the game.

Google’s Doodle blog explained the game was the brainchild of the art, engineering, production and music teams combined. After discussing complicated symbols and signs like the Eiffel Tower, the Doodlers decided on a simpler game for maximum fun.

Google’s Doodle team often creates interactive logos and games for various holidays and anniversaries. In August, 17 days of Doodle Fruit Games commemorated the start of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. The website also debuted a Google Pac-Man game in 2010, an interactive crossword puzzle for the game’s 100th anniversary, and an interactive piñata for the company’s own birthday in 2013.