Google Maps for iOS is getting new features with the release of the all-new update version 4.24.0. The new update does not only allow users to order food for delivery from nearby restaurants, it also has new Explore features that make it easier to identify locations.

According to Engadget, Google’s new update for its Maps app for iOS comes with a shortcut for food delivery. This feature makes it easy for users to order takeout food from local restaurants with just a few taps. When a user taps a restaurant in the app, he or she will not only see the opening times of that establishment, but also the “Place an Order” button. 

This new food order integration can be accessed via the Explore feature of the app where nearby restaurants, eateries and more are displayed. There are also subcategories like “Best lunches” and “Cheap eats” that users can check out if they want to find some of the recommended and on-demand food stops in the area.

Aside from the food delivery integration, Google Maps for iOS version 4.24.0 also comes with plus codes, which are basically location identifier data that appear when users place a pin on a location with a tap-and-hold gesture, according to AppleInsider. These plus codes are very helpful in pinpointing specific locations on the map. Google also ensured that these codes are automatically copied into the iOS clipboard in case users want to share them. 

Last but not the least, the 96.4 MB update streamlines the feature that enables users to capture and add photos to their marked locations. This feature was previously introduced in the version 4.23.0 update that was released on Oct. 10. What this basically does is help users enhance their reviews and make their visual references for their travel routes easy to follow.