A prominent YouTube user has created a hilarious parody video of Google’s self-driving cars with GTA V as the theme.

Self-driving cars are the next-big thing in the world of technology. Google, Tesla, Mitsubishi, Ford and many others are investing in this next-generation technology.

For the amount of testing Google has done with its driver-less cars, the company confidently says these cars are “designed to navigate safely through city streets.” The cars come mounted with sensors designed to detect objects, which can be “two football fields away in all directions.”

The objects include pedestrians, cyclists, other kind of vehicles, plastic shopping bags and even, rogue birds, according to Google. The housed software reportedly takes into account all the data inputted by the sensors to assist the car navigate safely on road, more importantly, without getting distracted.

The search giant says the self-driving cars have amassed a total of 1.5 million miles driving without any aide. Google uses both customized versions of Lexus SUVs and new prototypes. These cars can be currently seen on the roads of Mountain View (CA), Austin (TX), Kirkland (WA) and Metro Phoenix (AZ).

The idea behind self-driving cars is that everyone should be able to “get around easily and safely, regardless of their ability to drive.” For instance, such cars can help the old or visually impaired ones, who cannot ride their cars independently. To top it off, by using such driver-less cars, the commuting time can be used for something productive.

According to Google, over 1.2 million deaths happen across the globe every year predominantly because of accidents on road. And the reason behind most of these accidents has been human error. This is where Google’s self-driving cars can make an impact and reduce such accidents significantly.

Meanwhile, here is the GTA V parody video showing Google self-driving car’s public debut. The YouTube user has imagined how this driver-less technology would work with the background of GTA AI drivers. (Credit: YouTube/Pizzaforbreakfast