Here’s not something people see every day: A woman peeing in a urinal in the men’s bathroom. The unruly moment occurred Sunday at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami when the Miami Dolphin’s took on the New York Jets. Apparently, the line for the ladies room was much too long.

The graphic video was posted by Instagram user Billy Corben. “NSFW: Miami woman pees in men's room urinal at Sunday's Dolphins-Jets game at Hard Rock Stadium because Miami (and New York),” he captioned the video.

The clip shows the woman using the urinal while standing up. The men in the video didn’t seem bothered by her presence. Instead, they encouraged her with high fives.

Her face and backside were blurred out. She also wasn’t wearing shoes, which is another indication of how intoxicated she was.

The post by Corben, which was viewed thousands of times, also garnered hundreds of comments. People wrote things like, “Female goals because Florida” and, “No.”

Corben has nearly 15,000 followers. “Billy Corben is my name. Florida F---ery is my game,” he says in his bio description.

The woman in the video has not been identified. According to the blog Media Take Out, she is a “mother of two.”

Click here to see the clip.

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