Which features do you want to see in 'GTA 5?' Courtesy/Rockstar

Rockstar’s last “Grand Theft Auto 5” update, “San Andreas Flight School,” launched Aug. 19 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Now, players are wondering which features will be a part of update 1.17 – and rumors include zombies, a working casino and jet packs.

Just for fun, vote on which features you’d like to see in the polls below. You can also leave a comment below telling us what features you’d like to see in future DLC, and we’ll include it in the next survey.

One of the most anticipated features that Rockstar (NASDAQ:TTWO) has yet to launch is the ability to participate in heists. Heists were promised by the New York City developer earlier this spring, but have yet to appear. Some players believe that the studio will wait until the PC, Xbox One and PS4 launches of "GTA 5" to release heists, though Rockstar hasn't confirmed this.