• Rockstar Games previously confirmed that "GTA 5" is releasing on PS5 and XBox Series X
  • The gaming studio has been silent about anything related to "GTA 6"
  • Several players might have accidentally discovered the alleged "GTA 6" teaser in "GTA Online"

Some GTA Online” players might have accidentally discovered a “GTA 6” teaser. The sixth instalment to the successful “Grand Theft Auto” series is one of the heavily rumored and highly awaited titles in the industry. Unfortunately, Rockstar Games has not made any statements related to the game.

New “GTA 6” Launch Window

Many “GTA Online” players believe that Rockstar Games has casually placed a teaser of the launch date of “GTA 6” in the game. Players discovered the said teaser at the Los Santos Airport in “GTA Online.” The theory amongst the believers is that the date in some of the elevators in the airport is the launch date of “GTA 6.”

There are several security doors at the Los Santos Airport in “GTA Online.” Some doors bear the 2013 figures, which is the year when Rockstar Games released the “GTA 5.” A few other security doors bear 2021, which could be the launch year of “GTA 6” as some fans believe.

GTA 5 A strange "GTA 6" leak could be hinting of a Summer 2020 grand reveal as opposed to earlier assumption that it is the game's release window. Photo: steamXO

Rockstar Games has a habit of announcing its games and releasing it after a couple of years. This applies to “Red Dead Redemption 2” and “GTA 5.” If the industry would base on this pattern, it is impossible that the gaming studio would release “GTA 6” next year. The 2021 inscription on the doors could most likely be the launch or announcement date of the much-awaited sequel.

Rockstar Games could announce “GTA 6” in 2021 and release it a couple of years after. This seems likely. However, it is hard to imagine that the gaming studio already predicted the launch or announcement year of “GTA 6” at the time that it was just developing “GTA 5.”

Other “GTA 6” Details

It is worth mentioning that this is just a fan theory and nothing is official in this rumored “GTA 6” teaser. Rockstar Games is set to release “GTA 5” on the next-generation platforms PS5 and Xbox Series. Rumors have it that the gaming studio might soon announce the arrival of “Red Dead Redemption 2” on the upcoming consoles. As for “GTA 6,” Rockstar Games has remained silent about the highly awaited sequel.