San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee
San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee is one of 16 mayoral candidates seeking office on Tuesday, Nov. 8. Reuters

Tuesday's elections will decide the positions of the city's next mayor, district attorney and sheriff and give citizens the opportunity to vote on several ballot initiatives. Polls opened at 7 A.M. and will close at 8 P.M. this evening; voters can look up their polling places here.

Voters will not be voting on any federal or California state offices or issues today, but for the three positions up for election, there are 16 mayoral candidates, five district attorney candidates, and four San Francisco County sheriff candidates up for consideration. In addition, eight propositions up being put to the vote:

Prop A: School Bonds - A $531 bond going toward the upgrade of public school facilities.

Prop B: Road Repaving and Street Safety Bonds - A $248 million bond measure to fix and repave city streets.

Prop C: City Pension and Health Care Benefits - A measure reforming the city's government worker pensions.

Prop D: City Pension Benefits - A second, different measure reforming government worker pensions.

Prop E: Amending or Repealing Legislative Initiative Ordinances and Declarations of Policy - A measure that enables the Board of Supervisors to amend or repeal initiatives passed by voters.

Prop F: Campaign Consultant Ordinance - A measure modifying the rules governing public reporting of lobbying activity performed by political consultants.

Prop G: Sales Tax - A 0.5 percent increase in the city's sales tax.

Prop H: School District Student Assignment - A measure discouraging public school students from attending schools other than those closest to their homes.

For more information on these propositions and candidates, refer to this guide supplied by the city.