Zombie boar. Courtesy/SOE

Sony Online Entertainment has just announced that a slew of zombie animals will be part of the upcoming multiplayer survival game "H1Z1."

“I have come up with zombified versions of our favorite creatures from ‘H1Z1,’ including (spoiler) the new Hog with the long pointy teeth,” said “H1Z1” artist Brad Constantine on Friday. The game’s zombie animals include bears, boars, deer, rabbits, wolves and birds.

Zombie wolf in "H1Z1." Courtesy/SOE
Zombie crow. Courtesy/SOE
Zombie rabbit. Courtesy/SOE

“On the flip side, we are crazy busy here, plugging away on the new content for Early Access,” the artist added, noting that the online game’s team “are now incorporating the new mo-cap data into the game, and it’s a lot of stuff to process. Hang in there just a wee bit longer, and we promise it will be worth all of the wait. Remember, we are making this game just for YOU, and we won’t settle for second best when it comes to you and your FUN. Keep your feedback and new ideas coming in; we read every one we get.”

“H1Z1” is a zombie apocalypse thriller developed by Sony Online Entertainment for the PlayStation 4 and PC. The game will launch sometime this year.