Hamas fired a barrage of around 30 rockets toward Israel on Tuesday morning just minutes before the cease-fire in the Gaza Strip came into effect, NDTV, an Indian television news network, reported.

Israel has long held that rocket attacks by Hamas have originated from within Palestinian civilian zones, leading to retaliatory strikes causing heavy civilian casualties. Reporters from NDTV, whose team was staying at a hotel in the Gaza strip, reportedly witnessed one such rocket silo being put together and fired from a vacant lot next to their hotel.

According to a NDTV report, its journalists first noticed a blue tent that came up on Monday at 6:30 in the morning on the vacant lot, with three men making multiple trips back and forth from the tent carrying wires. After an hour, the men emerged and dismantled the tent, taking it away with them. The next day, just before the 72-hour cease-fire was to take effect, a rocket was fired from the empty lot and the entire episode was captured on camera. NDTV aired the report after its team left the Gaza Strip.

While many news agencies have reported on the devastation that Israeli strikes in Gaza have brought upon Palestinian civilians, the report said it wanted to highlight how Hamas placed civilian lives in danger by firing rockets from deep inside civilian zones in the Gaza Strip.