Rodriguez siblings
Rico and Raini Rodriguez attend WE Day in Los Angeles, April 7, 2016. Getty

Today marks National Siblings Day. How did it start?

National Siblings Day is the brainchild of Claudia Evart, who thought up the day as a way for siblings to honor, recognize and celebrate each other. She is the founder and director of the Siblings Day Foundation.

Evart, a freelance paralegal from Manhattan, lost her two siblings in separate accidents early in life.

Evart chose April 10 as Siblings Day because it is the birthday of her late sister, Lisette.

Evart has dedicated her life to commemorate National Siblings Day, which needs a presidential proclaim to officially establish National Siblings Day.

The movement has come close to that recognition.

President George W. Bush signed a presidential message recognizing April 10 as National Siblings Day in 2008 and President Bill Clinton did the same in 2000.

On the state level, 88 governors have signed Siblings Day proclamations, according to the foundation.

Siblings Day follows the spirit of Mother's Day, Father's Day and Grandparent's Day - a great American tradition and celebration of family-unit values. It is an uplifting celebration honoring people who have shaped our values, beliefs and ideals, the foundation says on its website. It is a relationship as equally important as a parent's relationship. Siblings are the reason we celebrate Mother's and Father's Day.

Happy National Siblings Day was a trending topic on Twitter Tuesday, with some users offering suggestions on how to mark the occasion.

Hastings Entertainment, using the Twitter handle @goHastings, suggested buying the Will Ferrell-??? Comedy Step Brothers.

A hilarious movie they'll enjoy, the company tweeted.

User @lucys_tweets celebrated by sharing a quote.

In the cookies of life, siblings are the chocolate chips, she tweeted.

Others left personal messages for their siblings.

Its Happy National Siblings Day? Big thank you to @Salma_Akther for making my life a pain sometimes, but also putting a smile on my face :D tweeted @NileemaAkther.