More Voters Say Democrats Are Tough On Terrorism: Poll

The poll, conducted a week before the wave of attacks on U.S. consulates in the Middle East, found voters believe Democrats are just as formidable as Republicans when it comes to protecting the U.S. from terrorism.
Barack Obama

Obama Earns ‘F’ On Issue Most Important To Voters

Voters continually claim that one issue is most important to them this election. It’s an area where President Barack Obama fails miserably and, for that reason, is trying desperately to avoid it -- the economy.
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Bulls, Bears, and the Ballot Box

Do Democratic Presidents Historically Pull Nation Out Of Fiscal Rut?

The 2012 campaign has focused on a myriad of social and ideological issues, with some smatterings of tax policy and truckloads of mudslinging. A new book argues voters should look past the obfuscation and consider what is best for their wallet. Its authors claim history has proven one thing: when it comes to economic success, the left has had the upper hand.
Sen. John Kerry, D-Ma.

John Kerry, Secretary Of State?

Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has said that she plans to relinquish her post soon, a potential second term for President Obama notwithstanding. That leaves an opening for Kerry, who will be speaking at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday.
Teddy Kennedy

Ted Kennedy: Democrat ‘Icon’

More than fifty years after John F. Kennedy’s assassination and more than four decades after Robert’s murder, the “Kennedy” name is the gold standard for liberal Democrats.
Julian Castro at DNC

Democrats Introduce A New Face: Julian Castro

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro presented a fresh, youthful, smiling face for Democrats at the opening night of their convention Tuesday -- while hurling stinging attacks on the Republicans and their nominee.
Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj And Other Surprising Celebrity Republicans

Nicki Minaj raps endlessly about her stacks of money, expensive clothes, cars and all the other luxuries that come with being one of the most famous -- and overrated -- rappers on the planet. But despite that love of all things material, her bold-faced endorsement of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on the new Lil' Wayne mixtape shows that she's willing to put her vote where her Louis Vuitton purse is.
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Keep Bernanke, Romney Economic Adviser Suggests

Ben Bernanke received an unlikely defense of his work at the U.S. Federal Reserve by a top Mitt Romney adviser, who said on Tuesday that he should be considered for a third term as chairman


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