Harley Davidson announced Wednesday that it will be adding eight new bikes to its inventory for its "Further. Faster." launch event.

The iconic motorcycle brand’s new models include, Street Glide ST, Road Glide ST, Low Rider S, Low Rider ST, and four bikes in Harley's Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) that come with new paint choices. Each new model also comes with the “Milwaukee Eight 117,” which is the companies most powerful stock engine.

The 2022 CVO lineup highlights the new “hand-crafted” detail in every bike.

“Gunslinger is our partner in custom paint that's been that's been adding incredible artisanal techniques to our CVO arsenal and family for a long time now, and they're inspiring us to push the limits, so we try to do the same thing with them,” Brad Richards, Harley-Davidson Vice President of Design, said in a news release.

“When most manufacturers are at the limits of a robot, Gunslinger can go in there with an artist who has the ability to brush by hand and deliver the sharpest pinstripe possible. That hand applied technique allows for very intricate two-tones, three-tones, airbrush drop shadows, and really transcends the ‘expected’ by delivering a truly custom look,” he added.

Other new features include heated seats and handgrips, electronically linked brakes, cornering traction control, a Bluetooth helmet headset, new high-performance speakers and amplifiers, LED headlamp and a color touch screen with navigation options.