There has been twister postings suggesting that Libyan foreign minister Mousa Kousa has fled the country and probably defected.

The BBC cited a twitter posting saying that Kousa has been cited in Tunisia with family and luggages. BBC said it can’t verify the authenticity of the information.

#Libya foreign Minister Mousa Kousa spotted with family, luggages in #Tunisia, Karl Stagno-Navarra tweeted.

Kousa, a former diplomat, is a long-time Gaddafi loyalist. He was the key figure in the Gaddafi team that negotiated the $2.7 billion settlement with the families of the Lockerbie bombing victims. He was also instrumental in Gaddafi's efforts to mend ways with the West. Kousa also played an active role in dismantling Libya's weapons of mass destruction.

However, he has also been accused of masterminding the Lockerbie bombing and labeled a terror chief by the western press.