On Feb. 12 a woman at the Kukui Gardens Housing Complex in Honolulu found six fingers in a plastic bag. She originally believed them to be ginger roots. Police are now asking for help in solving who dumped the fingers in the trash.

The Honolulu Police Department released a statement on their Facebook page saying that testing has confirmed that the fingers are indeed human and belonged to a child. It's suspected that they came from a young girl between the age of two-and-a-half and four-years-old.

Gina Rose Vendegna discovered the fingers on Feb. 12 while collecting recyclables from a trash bin outside a housing complex. According to the Huffington Post, two fingers were whole and the remaining four were partial. Vendegna told KHON-TV that she thought the fingers were ginger roots starting to dry out. I'm a gardener and I recycle, and I thought I'd be able to restore them. So I threw them in my purse.

The woman eventually realized what exactly her ginger roots were when she spotted the fingernails on them. People I tried showing them to tried telling me that it wasn't, that it might be monkey fingers, said Vendegna to KHON-TV. And I thought just by chance I'm going to call the police department, turn 'em in and let them decide.

Hospitals and missing child reports have not turned up and leads. The police are continuing to make public pleas, but CrimeStoppers Sgt. Kim Buffett said that as of Tuesday no one has called in. The hard part is you can't determine the age of it, whether it's new or old, said Buffett to the Washington Post. It can be a child from back then. We really don't know.