With the Dallas Mavericks already in the Finals, the focus has now entirely shifted to the East.

The Miami Heat are just one win away from the Finals, and a 2006 NBA Finals rematch with the Mavericks. But Miami will be playing a Bulls team on their home court in Game Five, who are desperate to stay in contention.

Defense has been the key to the series. The Bulls finished the regular season with the second best points-allowed average, and the Heat were sixth in the category. So far, the Heat appear to be the better defensive squad, as Chicago has conceded some easy shots.

Chris Bosh, in particular, has given the Bulls problems. The Heat's big man has had three very good games in the series, and has been the spark the Heat were hoping for. Bosh has two games where he scored 30 points or more.

Meanwhile, LeBron James has been a pain in the Bulls' side, as he has vacillated from creating his own shot and creating for teammates. In Game Three, he finished with 10 assists and no turnovers, and only took 13 shots. In Game Four, James took 26 shots.

It has to be unnerving for Loul Deng to guard James when he the Heat forward is capable of being two different types of players.

When the Bulls knocked off the Hawks in the Second Round, Chicago fans began believing that a trip to the Finals was probable.

While the Bulls were able to rack up some big offensive performances from Derrick Rose against Atlanta, the Bulls guard has had his share of scoring problems against Miami.

Rose averaged 29.8 points per game and shot 45 percent from the field against the Hawks, but has averaged only 23 points per game against the Heat, and has shot a poor 36 percent.

Layups that often dropped for Rose throughout the season and in the first two rounds don't seem to be falling for him in this series.

Where the Bulls could really use a lift is from Joakim Noah. The Bulls rely on Noah's energy, and he has been a solid rebounder in the series, but he's shot just 36 percent, and has only scored in double digits once in the series.

Tonight, expect the Bulls to do a better job containing Bosh and James, while also getting more out of their bench. Taj Gibson is waiting to break out in Game Five. C.J. Watson and Kyle Korver are also due.