Amid WikiLeaks uproar, Clinton heads to Central Asia
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (L) speaks at a news conference as Australia's Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd looks on in Melbourne November 6, 2010. Reuters

Wikileaks documents reveal that U.S. Secretary of State in July 2009 sent a message to 33 US missions on UN reforms saying, International deliberations regarding UNSC expansion among key groups of countries: self-appointed frontrunners for permanent UNSC membership Brazil, Germany, India, and Japan.

She has also asked for Biographical and biometric information on key NAM/G-77/OIC Permanent Representatives, particularly India, China.

Wikileaks is likely to release more than 3,000 documents sent from India either on Monday or Tuesday. Wikileaks is releasing the documents in installments.

However, this revelation is unlikely to rattle New Delhi as Washington has changed its stand which became evident when President Barack Obama visited New Delhi early this month and extended support to India's push for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council.