A man was killed during a car accident in Hilltown Township, Pa., Tuesday when the Scion he was driving was hit from behind and veered into traffic, hitting a Mack truck at an intersection, police said.

The fatal accident at Schoolhouse Road and Bethlehem Pike in Hilltown occurred around 3 p.m. Tuesday, when a Mazda truck tried to turn into a driveway but was hit by a Scion. The Scion then went into the other lane and hit a Mack truck belonging to trash company Allied Waste, police told the Perkasie News Herald.

The driver of the Scion, whose name was not immediately released, was pronounced dead at the scene. The drivers of the two trucks suffered minor injuries in the Hilltown accident, according to the Express-Times.

The investigation into the Bucks County accident continues, Lansdale Patch reported. The website said the driver’s body was draped with a white sheet after the crash so the public would not see the dead driver.