Getting rid of neck fat is one of the most popular concerns of both men and women anywhere in the world. In fact, it turns up as one of most searched weight loss tips on Google. While losing neck fat is usually a secondary effect of having a low-calorie diet and regular exercise routine, there are certain natural ways that can help make the loss happen faster. Here are eight of them.

1. Up your fruit and veggie consumption

Increasing your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables can help you lose not just neck fat, but overall weight. Preferred preparations for vegetables are grilled or steamed — and these should never be absent from your meals. To deal with your sweet tooth, go for different types of fruits instead.

2. Drink lots and lots of water

Water will help keep you well hydrated, thus allowing the body to function properly. Skin that is well-hydrated will be tighter and will not sag. The goal is to drink at least two liters per day, and more when you tend to perspire a lot.

3. Good carb are the way; opt for brown rice

Whole grain products such as brown rice, whole wheat bread and WW pasta are preferred to the white variety. Not only are they more filling, they also take longer to digest and the result is feeling full for a longer time.

4. Always use sunscreen on your neck

One of the first signs of aging manifests on a neck skin that sags and is wrinkly. By applying sunscreen of at least SPF 30 every day, you help preserve its elasticity and tautness. On sunny days, it is recommended that you apply sunscreen every two hours to help prevent the double-chin look caused by flabby skin. 

5. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol

The best anti-aging and wellness strategy is to treat your body well. This means not introducing products that might harm it. By getting rid of cigarettes and alcohol from your lifestyle, you give your neck a better chance at being leaner and more toned. Losing neck fat is one of the effects of switching to a healthy lifestyle.

6. Go for lean proteins

Similar to whole grains, lean proteins will trick the body into feeling full for much longer, so be sure to always have these in your daily diet. Protein-rich foods include lean beef, eggs, low-fat dairy, nuts, poultry, seafood and tofu. h

7. Increase your cardio exercises

Do not just eat to lose weight, but also move to support it. By upping your cardio exercises, you help the body lose the excess calories so you can succeed in your weight loss goals. Cardio activities increase the heart rate, which then aids in burning calories faster. Your neck fat will be one of the first ones to disappear if you follow a regimen regularly. 

8. Chew gum

Chewing gum is a fun and easy way to lose neck fat because the act itself stimulates the muscles in the face and neck area. It is recommended that you do this once a day as a form of exercise to lose neck fat. Chewing too much can also have negative effects so try not to do overboard.