Weed testing is a hot topic in the United States, with more states saying “yes” to its legalization for both medical and recreational purposes. However, there remains rather conservative agencies and companies that still require that a person be free of any potentially addictive elements for them to remain at work or to apply for a new job. Memberships to certain organizations are also sometimes conditional on weed testing and screening exams for related drugs.

If you have consumed weed on occasion or support its recreational use, the good news is that it can be naturally flushed out of your system. However, the length of time cannabis stays in the body depends on how much and how often you use marijuana. The type of test to determine THC levels can also produce less or more comprehensive results. Urine weed testing is the most common method of checking, but blood and saliva drug tests are also as conclusive.

How long is weed detectable in blood and saliva tests? It depends on the type of user you are.

Detecting Weed in the Blood

Weed can be seen in the blood within seconds from inhalation. It is immediately distributed to different parts of the body, that’s why its effects are felt in an instant.

When it comes to testing, the blood typically keeps traces of THC for one to two days. If you are a chronic or heavy user, it can remain in the blood for as long as 29 days. Blood testing is the method of choice when you want to test for recent marijuana consumption.

Weed Test in Blood
Marijuana stays longer in the body the more and longer you have been taking it. Pictured: A member of the National Forensic Science Institute (INACIF) tests the quality of cocaine before an incineration of drugs inside a military base in Pedro Brand, Dominican Republic Getty Images/Erika Santelices/AFP

Detecting Weed in Saliva

Another common test for marijuana use is by checking the composition of one’s saliva. In fact, in some states where weed is legal, oral fluids can be used for immediate drug testing on roadside situations. There are two ways weed can enter the saliva: through exposure to smoke and by smoking. It can also be present if marijuana is ingested.

Weed typically stays in the saliva for one to three days if you are an occasional user, and as long as 29 days if you are a chronic user.

Marijuana stays longer in the body the more and longer you have been taking it. Some other types of weed also have more potent formulations, which can take them a longer time to naturally flush out of your body. Usually, drinking plenty of water and ingesting diuretics a few days before a test can help get rid of weed traces not just in the blood and saliva, but also from urine. There are also over-the-counter weed flushing kits that can help.