While consumers will be able to start finding Grape-Nuts in larger supply in early spring, Post (POST) is offering an apology to its customers for the cereal’s lack of availability during the coronavirus pandemic.

Grape-Nuts, which was first introduced by Post in 1897, experienced a shortage in late 2020, along with Grape-Nuts Flakes cereal, USA Today reports. But Post said in a news release on Thursday that it will “officially be shipping at full capacity by mid-March.”

As an apology to customers for the shortage, Post is giving away free Grape-Nuts for a year to 10 lucky fans of the cereal.

In addition, those that enter the giveaway will be shortlisted to be notified first when the cereal is back at full capacity and available on store shelves again. They will also receive a $1.50 coupon for their next purchase of Grape-Nuts.

To enter the contest, participants can visit the Grape-Nuts Facebook page.

Fans of the cereal are also encouraged to join the Grape-Nuts Secret Super Fans Facebook group, where they will receive updates on special offers for the cereal.

“We recognize that the temporary Grape-Nuts shortage has been frustrating to fans given that Grape-Nuts is a one-of-a-kind cereal and there is no other cereal like it on the market,” Kristin DeRock, Grape-Nuts brand manager at Post Consumer Brands, said in a statement.

“We promised our loyal fans that we would work hard to get Grape-Nuts back on store shelves as quickly as possible, and we are now committing to an earlier-than-anticipated return date. We ramped up production and are running full swing 51 out of the next 55 days. We now expect to be back to healthy inventory levels by mid-March,” she added.

Shares of Post were trading at $99.44 as of 10:25 a.m. EST on Friday, down 58 cents of 0.58%.

Fiber is found in whole grains and cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, and legumes. Pixabay, public domain