The next full moon, known as the Hunter’s Moon, will peak this weekend. The name for the orange-hued moon came from the hunting traditions of the early Native Americans.

According to NASA, the Hunter’s Moon is expected to appear full for several days starting on Saturday morning until Tuesday morning. It will reach its peak, or appear opposite the Sun on Sunday afternoon. More precisely, the Hunter’s Moon will appear in all its glory on Oct. 13 at 5:17 pm EDT. It is expected to rise above the horizon at about 6:30 pm EDT, reported.

During this lunar event, the Moon will appear bigger and brighter. It will also appear as if its lower in relation to its position with Earth, making it look like its rising just above the horizon.

Since the Moon will appear opposite the Sun during its peak, the massive star’s brightness will bounce off of it, giving the Hunter’s Moon its orange color.

The Hunter’s Moon is the next full moon event after the Harvest Moon, which appeared on Sept. 13 to 14. For Native Americans, the appearance of the Hunter’s Moon signifies the start of their hunting season.

According to NASA, the hunting season for Native Americans usually begin after the fields have been harvested. This allows them to spot their prey more easily. In addition, hunting in October gives them enough time to prepare the meats they have collected before the winter season arrives.

“With the leaves falling and the deer fattened, it is time to hunt,” NASA said in a statement. “Since the harvesters have reaped the fields, hunters can easily see the animals that have come out to glean (and the foxes that have come out to prey on them).”

With favorable weather, sky gazers should be able to easily spot the Hunter’s Moon in all its glory this weekend. Similar to catching meteor showers, it would be advisable to watch the Moon in a dark and open area that’s not affected by light pollution. Doing so will ensure that the Moon’s brightness will not be washed out by artificial lights.

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